#CampusNews: Meet Tony The Sultan Of Maseno

He got his name pinned on the A-list creme del a creme of Maseno University.His other name 'Sultan' has become another household name at a time when the vasity is getting high on it's socio-political peak.

Tony Collins better known also as ' Sultan TC' despite his tight schedule took a few minutes of his priceless time to speak with us.
Q1) You seem not to have an African name ,why?

TC) I believe my parents were careful enough not to expose me to the ethnical aspect of doing things including naming .That's why most times I do say I'm Kenyan.
Q2) Thanks alot Mr.Tribeless for joining us ,which department do you actually represent in Maseno ?

TC) I take BSC Drama and Theatre studies better placed at the department of music and performing arts. Far from that I'm also a sound engineer and events expert.
Q3) Speaking of events ,you played a big role in staging numerous events in the last semester .Can we say you used the opportunity to coil yourself a name. In a nutshel are you vying for the entertainment docket ?

TC) I think we'' cross the bridge when we get there.That's a question for another day (smiling)

Q4) Why the tittle Sultan ?
TC) I suggest you pose that question to my Maseno followers,they must have a good reason why they call me Sultan . Some of these things you just accept and live with .

Q5) Maseno was recently on the spotlight for drug abuse allegations.Do you think the student body is doing enough to eradicate such bad image?

TC) First of all allow me say there are high chances those identified in the matiangi report mybe were not Maseno students.Maseno is a big community and it encamuses everyone else including visitors and onlookers. Slapping the student body with such a serious allegation would be an injustice.Meanwhile I belive the few students tempted to abuse drugs will soon find the right path considering our constant advocacy.

Q6) What challenges does having to be a public figure come with ?
TC) Truth is as a public figure everybody's watching your every move .Some people will be looking for mistakes while some just want to identify with you for various good reasons.

Q7) In that case do you rule out the stereotype that Maseno is a good for nothing bush University like a popular radio host once claimed ?

TC) We are not a bush iniversity .Infact allow me tell the people spreading such a phrase that it could be them who are bush minded hence they have no moral right to badmouth our university. In Maseno we have students from all over the country including major cities and towns.

Q8 ) Is it wise for University Students to allign themselves to various national political parties especially at this time of high political temperatures coutrywide?
TC) University politics is the foundation for maintream politics hence the two are inseperable ,but I would advice that we do stay clear from comrade divisions engineered by tribal and political allignments. Tony Collins would rather preach peace if it gets to that point.

Q9) Do you think the outgoing student organization SOMU did a perfect job ?
TC) No man is perfect ,they did their job right I want to say .Every regime has its good and bad side ,strengths and weaknessess hence we only need to focus on having a better SOMU every academic year .The office of the President and that of the Secretary General did their job despite certain constrains. The entertainment docket also tried and I believe there is always room for improvement with change of command.

Q10) Parting Shot
TC) Maseno will always remain a fountain of Excellence and a hub for today's leadership, not tomorrow. May the almighty God bless Maseno.

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